Convert Image to PDF on BlackBerry 10

In this article I will show you how to convert images that are taken from camera or from library to PDF file.


There are the following things that you may have to know:

1) Since in most cases PDF is being used to print the document you should set paper size for your doc. It may be Letter or A4 for example

2) PDF documents are using DPI value. If you are creating multipage PDF file you are not allowed to change DPI for each single page. That’s why you will have to resize you initial images before saving them as PDF

3) You are allowed to have some pages landscape oriented and another ones portrait oriented at the same time. It may be useful if pictures have different orientation.

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Image Resizer for BlackBerry 10

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago the first version of Image Resizer for BlackBerry 10 released.

Image resizer for blackberry 10

Image Resizer for blackberry 10

Sometimes we need to have an ability to resize pictures or photo to upload them to internet services or send via email, but there is no built-in feature to do that. So I decided to develop a small utility to do that and submitted to BlackBerry World.

It was released on 18th October, and on Friday, October 25, I got a BBM message from my friend with link to Crackberry. I was suprised! Crackberry added Image Resizer to their weekly app roundup. It’s amazing, because I have posted no word at blogs and forums about this application.

So download the app and enjoy. It is absolutely FREE!

Download Image Resizer for BlackBerry 10

upSL – Scoreloop Wrapper

I bet you have played Run in Crowd on your Playbook or BB10 device. Guys who developed the game would like to share their experience so published their Scoreloop wrapper on GitHub. It calls upSL.

upSL is cross platform wrapper so you can use it for Playbook, BB10, Android, iOS or win32 platforms when developing game using cocos2d-x game engine.

Link to original post (Russian language only)

How to invoke App World from Cascades QML

Hello everyone. Sorry for the such huge delay. I am having a lot of work to do so don’t have enough time to post information regularly. Several days I had some free time and I decided to go to BlackBerry support forum and help somebody. Question “invoke in QML Appworld” caught my attention. Actually I just started working with Cascades and had no idea how to invoke App World from QML. After 15 minutes of reading a documentation and samples I found the way how to do that. So I would like to share the code here.

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Level selector screen like Angry Birds in Cocos2d-x

angry birds like

If you are developing a game with some number of levels you probably would like to have a level selector screen.  Here is my solution how to do that. My solution contains magic numbers and some not really good thing, but taking a look at it you can understand the basic idea and customize the code as you wish.

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